The Venus Factor Effect

April 16, 2014 at 1:32 pmCategory:Weight Loss

With various fat loss plans in the open, women usually are setback. This is because it leads to confusion and disbelief. You can visit Venus factor website and opt for Venus factor free download pdf. This offers a clear idea of losing weight in a reasonable and in a wholesome way.
Portrait of romantic couple touching each otherShedding body fat is a biggest issue for most women. Visit and know how to burn fat. Venus factor focuses on dietary aspect. There are not hard and fast rules. You have to perform workouts and follow a diet that does not need starving. Your determination is the key to success.

The Venus Adonis introduces women to a well structured and designed program that helps in losing weight in an economical way. The Venus factor on discount is available for $47 and it allows you to enjoy your life on following the program of diet and workouts. It ensures getting fit and shapely.

Great Expectations – Are They Ruining Your Romance?

October 21, 2013 at 7:33 amCategory:Relationship

gfgsdfIt’s great to have high expectations of what life is going to be like when you’re sharing it with the person who is the love of your life. Unfortunately, many people have dreams and expectations that are simply unobtainable. Whether it comes from reading romance novels where the hero also realizes the error of his ways and gives in to the heroine’s every whim, or, on the other side of the coin, from watching rap videos where women are throwing themselves at the feet of men ready to cater to their every whim.

As a society, we’re giving mixed messages between fantasy and reality and it’s ruining more than its fair share of romances. If your relationship is becoming a bitter disappointment because it isn’t meeting up to your expectations here are a few things it might help you to remember.

Stop Comparing Your Relationship to Others

Whether you’re comparing your relationship to real relationships other people have (what you see of those relationships anyway) or something in novels or on television screens, you’re doing your relationship a huge disservice. Reality can never live up to fiction and you’re only seeing the public side of other relationships. You’re not privy to what’s going on behind closed doors.

Establish Realistic Expectations

The truth is that we all have expectations of life that rarely live up to reality. When it comes to relationships, learning to compromise and have expectations that are more realistic can make a world of difference when it comes to how happy you are with your partner. Both of you have areas where there is room for improvement. Identify them and make changes where appropriate.

Learn to Speak Up When It’s Important

The other problem regarding expectations arises when you fail to speak up when something is really important to you. Your partner can’t meet your needs if he or she isn’t aware of them. You must speak up and let your partner know what’s going on in your head and in your heart. You can’t hold the other person in the equation responsible for unknown variables. It’s not fair to either of you or your relationship.

It doesn’t seem like such a big deal at first glance. However, adjusting your expectations just a little bit, in order to meet your partner in the middle, can make a world of different to your happiness with the relationship and with your partner. And that’s how we should avoid getting sad fever!

Hair Loss Treatments and Solutions

July 25, 2012 at 6:52 pmCategory:Beauty

Two of the most popular drugs used to induce hair growth are Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia), both approved by the USFDA. These drugs stimulate hair growth but are usually used on the long term because sometimes, hair begins to grow only after 12 weeks of continuous usage. There have also been reported side effects such as unwanted hair growth and scalp irritation. Before deciding on a treatment for your hair problem, talk to your doctor about the different solutions available and which is most effective for your particular problem, says Hair Marvella, a premium website dedicated in providing quality information on hair fall treatment.

He or she will take into consideration the cause of your hair loss and decide on which will work the best with your problem. Aside from the two drugs mentioned, there are several more treatments available. If your hair loss is caused by any infection, oral drugs such as prednisone may be prescribed to get rid of the inflammation. Your immune system might also need some suppression. In most cases, hair will grow back naturally after curing any underlying cause.

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For more drastic solutions, hair transplant surgery is available as well as scalp reduction surgery. And finally, for the quickest and easier solutions, wigs and hairpieces are available either readymade or made to order as per your specifications.
Hair care products are other items that are almost always found for sale inside a beauty supply store. Hair care products are also popular because everyone, even if they don’t wear makeup, is usually concerned about the appearance of their hair. Hair care products can include simple items like shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray, but other items like hair coloring kits or highlight kits and hair extensions can also be found for sale at many beauty supply stores. Click here to get more beauty tips

‘Spy Kids 4’ Inspired By Jessica Alba’s Diaper Duty, Robert Rodriguez Says

April 29, 2011 at 7:46 pmCategory:Uncategorized

‘She gets to show the actual trials of dealing with a baby while having a career,’ director tells MTV News.
By Eric Ditzian

Jessica Alba in “Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World”
Photo: Rico Torres/ Dimension Films

Over the course of MTV News’ Summer Movie Preview Week, we’ve featured popcorn superhero flicks (“Captain America” and “Green Lantern”), hard-R comedies (“Bad Teacher” and “30 Minutes or Less”), rebooted franchises from the past (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Conan the Barbarian”) and much more. But we haven’t yet focused on movies aimed at kids.

All that changes on Friday (April 29). We’ll be rolling out an exclusive clip from “Kung Fu Panda 2” this afternoon, and right now, we’re bringing you an exclusive chat with Robert Rodriguez, the writer/director of “Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World,” the first film in the series since 2003. The new movie introduces new characters — including Jessica Alba as a spy mom — but also stays true to the original mythology and integrates familiar faces from earlier installments. In this way, Rodriguez told us, “Spy Kids 4” is not so much a reboot as a sequel with fresh talent.

In a wide-ranging conversation, he laid out extensive plot details, explained why these films continue to be appealing a decade after they were first introduced and the surprising (and kind of gross) inspiration that led to the movie, which hits theaters in 3-D on August 19.

MTV News: It doesn’t matter if you’re doing something like “Machete” or a “Spy Kids” movie, you’ve always got some tricks up your sleeve. How are you going to wow us with “Spy Kids 4”?

Robert Rodriguez: Man, I can’t say everything just yet! There are going to be some things you’ll see and go, “Hey, why didn’t he tell me that?” You know, we did three of these movies, and then stopped because the kids were getting older. But families still come up to me and say they’re watching them, so 10 years later, it felt right to do another one. I got the idea when I was making “Machete” and Jessica came over to my house for lunch with the kids, and she was bringing her daughter out of the backseat. But her diaper had exploded and the kid had made a huge mess and just seeing Jessica dressed up, so beautiful and glamorous, but having to deal with this baby with an exploded diaper, I just thought, “I’d love to see her as a spy mom.” I wrote it around her and figured she’d have two new stepkids who don’t think their mom is cool, but she’s really a spy and their dad plays a spy hunter on a TV show and doesn’t know his wife is a spy. There’s a robot dog and a spy baby and a new villain, played by Jeremy Piven. And I was looking at my own kids and how quickly time is going by and how you wish you could freeze a moment, so the villain is the Timekeeper, and he is taking time from people and the world is getting faster.

MTV News: Amazing! All of this, born from one dirty diaper.

Rodriguez: That’s the thing. Sometimes storytelling is very visual and it inspires you. Then you build and you build, and suddenly you have a movie you’re excited to make. You forget it’s the fourth one. Oh, and the original spy kids show up, and they’re in their 20s. They’re the older spies who are trying to reopen the spy agency, which got shut down because of budgetary reasons. Jessica plays Antonio Banderas’ younger sister, so she’s still part of the original family. She’s the aunt of the original spies. It’s not really a reboot, so much as a sequel with new kids. And the Timekeeper, he takes time away from you if you’re not spending it with your family, because of a personal thing he went through. It’s a pretty cool villain plot, because he’s not really a villain. And Jessica is so awesome as the spy mom.

MTV News: Yeah, we just saw that first picture of her with the baby strapped to her chest, but she’s still wearing her badass spy gear.

Rodriguez: Yeah, the badass spy gear! The opening scene is a flashback where she’s about to give birth to the baby. The day she quit being a spy was the day she gave birth, so she’s on her last mission, nine months pregnant, on her way to the hospital and still catching the bad guy. So she’s repelling, sliding across the cars. Anyone who’s been pregnant will tell you: “You’re not supposed to do that!”

MTV News: We haven’t really seen Jessica in a mature role like this, playing a mom. Did you have a sense that she wanted to take that next step in her career?

Rodriguez: Yeah, I think she liked the idea, because she got married young and had the baby young, so she was dealing with the whole baby situation when we had this idea. We thought it would be a perfect way to deal with what her life is really like, except in this, she’s an ass-kicking badass. She gets to show the actual trials of dealing with a baby while having a career.

MTV News: Being that there’s a connection between her situation and her character’s, did she help build this character and pitch in ideas?

Rodriguez: Completely. She’s very collaborative. She said, “I really want to be funny. I should do this, I should do that. I think when I’m with the kids, this is the kind of game I’d play with them.” She really brought a lot to the table. She knows children and what would come off best for the character.

MTV News: You’ve got a lot of funny actors in this one, like Joel McHale.

Rodriguez: Joel McHale, he’s awesome! He really is a scene-stealer. He brings you ad libs. Even if it’s written, you look at the script and go, “Oh, he just made it sound funnier.” Sometimes I’d tell him just the concept of the scene, and he’d ad lib 30 things and they’re all funny. The hard part is figuring out which one to use.

MTV News: Do you see this as the start of a whole new trilogy?

Rodriguez: We’ll see what happens with number four. I know they want to make more of them. The reason these movies do well is that there’s not many live-action films that are very empowering to children. Parents could never understand it, but that’s why Power Rangers are so popular — because there are kids beneath those suits. Kids like and support anything that empowers and supports them. It’s a powerful idea to know you can be a kid but also a spy and you can strap on a jetpack and fly around the world and not have to have your mom drive you to the mall.

It’s Summer Movie Preview Week, and MTV News will be bringing you exclusive interviews, clips and photos for the most anticipated films of the coming months. Get ready to gorge on inside looks at “Captain America,” “The Hangover Part II,” “X-Men: First Class,” “Cowboys & Aliens” and more.

Check out everything we’ve got on “Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World.”

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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Royal Wedding Overruns Social-Media Sites

April 29, 2011 at 5:46 pmCategory:Uncategorized

Online trackers report more activity around Will and Kate than for Japan earthquake or Egyptian uprising.
By Gil Kaufman

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Photo: Getty Images

If Friday morning’s (April 29) royal wedding of William and Kate — now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — seemed inescapable on TV, clearly you weren’t online for much of the morning. While every news channel was serving up hour-upon-hour of useless tidbits about what kinds of crumpets the royal couple would be snacking on, social-media sites were blowing with all things Will and Kate.

Just hours before the wedding even kicked off, the buzz around the event surpassed the web chatter around such recent real-news events such as the earthquake in Japan or the democratic uprising in Egypt, according to trend-tracking site Mashable.

A quick peek at the Google Trends site in the hours after the blessed event found 12 of 20 top searches about the wedding or media outlets covering it, with “royal wedding coverage” dominating the list, just above #3 “Kate Middleton wedding dress.”

According to Lauren Indvik at Mashable, the tech company Akamai, which measures news and discussion online, said more people were simultaneously watching the wedding live stream than any previous live stream. Akamai also reported that throughout the three hours of live coverage there were an average of 50,000 online mentions of the phrase “royal wedding” and more than 2 million during the 24-hour period leading up to and through the end of the wedding.

The existing record for a live stream on YouTube is 10 million, for a U2 concert, and Indvik said that that record wasn’t likely to be surpassed because the site didn’t begin its coverage until the actual ceremony took place. “But I don’t ever remember seeing all 10 trending topics on one event on Twitter before,” she said of the intense interest on the micro-blogging site. Among them were #proudtobebritish, #rw11, #royalwedding, #qilf, #theykissed, #sarahburton and #gracekelly, the latter two referring to the dress Kate wore and the similarity to the one worn by the late actress/princess.

Other records might have been set, but the crush of traffic took down the BBC’s website, according to, which predicted that good old-fashioned TV coverage would likely be the biggest source of viewership.

The social-media impact might have also been bigger if the royal family hadn’t installed signal-blocking technology that put the kibosh on cell phone use during the ceremony, meaning no surreptitious tweets and photos in real time.

With more than 911,000 tweets sent in the past month about the wedding, Webtrends revealed that a majority (65 percent) were coming not from England, but from the U.S. The majority of the online action before Friday was on Twitter (71 percent), with Facebook (16.9 percent) and blogs (11.3 percent) accounting for smaller shares.

As for the influence of the event on the Web in terms of traffic, Mashable reported that the number was around 38.1 percent, just a smidge higher than the earthquake in Japan (37.7) and a healthy clip above the activity earlier this year around the historic changes in Egypt (24.2 percent).

The wedding also set new records on the Livestream site, which reported that its stream of the event exceeded 300,000 concurrent viewers at its 6 a.m. peak, with the company’s CEO expecting “at least” 2 million unique viewers by the time the broadcast ended.

Did you watch the royal wedding online? Let us know in comments below!

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The worst part of UFC 129 for GSP and Shields? Dealing with the sometimes dopey media

April 29, 2011 at 12:46 pmCategory:Uncategorized

Fighting in front of 55,000 fans, a huge pay-per-view audience and increased media attention has to be great for the fighters at UFC 129. There is a downside. With all the interest, Jake Shields and Georges St-Pierre say the media crush has been unbelievable.

"It’s always a distraction. For sure, I’m not gonna lie, the worst part is this," St-Pierre said. "Sometimes you have to wake up very early in the morning. It’s bad because it messes up your sleep time."

Shields wants to be a company man, but when you body is on west  coast time, it makes it even tougher to fulfill your duties.

"I think they have me doing the same amount [of interviews as St-Pierre], which I’m not really used to," Shields said (0:15 mark). "I looked at my schedule up there and they have me getting up at seven in the morning for interviews, which is four o’clock in the morning my time. It seems kind of ridiculous to me. I don’t know."

The former Strikeforce middleweight champ will do what he’s told. He’s a quality dude. Watch him act like a pro as this crazy, smiling wacko is all over him.

Before you mock too hard, John D. Villareal is a pretty accomplished athlete. He’s just a little too Tony Little-like.

GSP said he understands that the media requests are part of the business and those increase even more when you’re a champion. He also knows it’s how fans get their fill of the sport.

Most Excited Interviewer in the World tip via Cage Potato


UFC’s marketing might not enough to get Murray EA Sports NCAA Football ’12 cover

April 29, 2011 at 10:46 amCategory:Uncategorized

The UFC did what it could to push DeMarco Murray past former Heisman winner Mark Ingram, but the efforts to get the Las Vegan the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football ’12 fell short.

After 140,000 votes were cast, Ingram beat out Murray along with future NFL draft picks Nick Fairley and Jake Locker for the cover.

Why did the UFC care if Murray landed the prestigious spot?

The former Oklahoma running back has ties to the UFC’s owner Lorenzo Fertitta and president Dana White. Murray attended Bishop Gorman, the same Las Vegas high school, as the UFC powers.

During a video campaign on and mentions on the promotion’s Facebook page, White pointed out that Murray is a longtime MMA fan, who supported the sport in its infancy during live events in Sin City.

Murray’s also a fan of MMA training.

"It’s definitely a lot different than what I do on the football field, but some things you can translate into your game. I spent three, four weeks in Las Vegas training with [striking coach James Gifford] at Lorenzo’s gym, and that definitely helped me out a lot with my hand coordination and speed, along with working muscles that I’ve never worked on in football," Murray told

According to MMAjunkie, Murray plans on wearing something with the UFC logo during next week’s draft.


‘King Mo’ enters Evans-Jones spat by calling one of them a ‘ho’

April 29, 2011 at 8:46 amCategory:Uncategorized

With the UFC holding the rights to over 85 percent of top 125 fighters in the world, training partners would eventually be faced with stepping into the cage with each other. Just about everyone in the fight world has an opinion on the teammates versus teammate story.

Rashad Evans agreed to do it against newly crowned UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones. That Evans-Jones matchup irks Strikeforce 205-pounder Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal. Lawal is buddies with Evans and feels like the longer tenured member of Greg Jackson’s team was boxed into a corner. The problem started with Jones stepping in front of Evans to take the UFC 128 title fight against Mauricio Rua and then softening his stance on not fighting Evans.

""I think it broadsided (Evans), because they both made an agreement (not to fight) and all of a sudden someone reneges," Lawal told Five Knuckles. "I would never fight Daniel (Cormier) definitely, and he would never fight me. Then all of a sudden if he went behind my back and said, ‘I’ll fight Mo on TV’ … that’s a ho move and a ho move deserves an ass whipping."

Lawal, like many other fighters, adheres to the philosophy that training partners should never fight.

"I know none of my training partners that are my brothers would ever pull a ho move like that. If I say I ain’t going to fight my brother, I ain’t going to fight my brother," said Lawal.

MMA isn’t that important to his wallet, so he’d find another option if forced to fight a teammate.

"I got brothers who I train with (and) I won’t fight my training brothers," Lawal said. "They can fire me and I will go to the WWE, I don’t care. Rashad is a brother to me, why fight him if there are other options?"

There’s no such brotherhood with King Mo and Quinton Jackson. Lawal would love to fight Jackson and thinks he could handle him easily.

Tip via Cage Potato


Hitpost 2.0 Looks To Score With Player Tweets And News Alongside The Pictures

April 29, 2011 at 6:46 amCategory:Uncategorized

When we first looked at Hitpost back in January, it was still just a concept ? people taking pictures of sporting events and talking about them as they watch them on TV. Shortly thereafter, the iPhone and Android apps hit and it was off to the races. Today it’s time for the 2.0 launch which brings a couple new big features: tweets and news. The “meat and potatoes” as Hitpost founder Aaron Krane puts it. When you load up Hitpost 2.0, you’ll now see scores, news, and athlete tweets to go along with the main event: photos. The UI of the app has also been completely reworked. Notably, there is now a “My Teams” view to get an overview of all the aforementioned information about the teams you follow. And full Facebook sharing integration has been added.


Accel Invests $35M. in 99designs?After Years of Trying

April 29, 2011 at 4:46 amCategory:Uncategorized

Accel Partners has invested $35 million in the crowdsource design service 99designs— a monster of a series A. Of course, 99designs is not your average early-stage startup. Born in Melbourne, Australia out of an older company called, 99designs is bootstrapped, profitable and growing revenues at a rate of about 120% a year. A few strategic angel investors also participated including Michael Dearing, Stewart Butterfield, Dave Goldberg and Anthony Casalena. Accel’s Andrew Braccia and Ryan Sweeney will join the board along with Dearing. The growth helps explain why Braccia has been courting this deal since 2009. And he wasn’t alone. 99designs CEO Patrick Llewellyn says several VCs have been pinging the company, and until now, they’ve all been turned away. They all seem to find out about the company the same way: One of their portfolio companies uses the service to get a good, cheap logo.