Thai Foot Massage is More than Just Relaxation

Thai foot massage is an ancient technique, practiced for hundreds of years originating in the Orient and famous all over the world. Thai feet massage techniques incorporate techniques from various places such as Korea, China and Japan.

The foot is probably, the most abused part of the human body and it is related to the well being of the entire body. People who have experienced a Thai foot massage confirm to its benefits. It is a known fact that there are certain points in the foot that can affect the other areas of the body. A good foot massage promotes relaxation and healing of the entire body. It was discovered rather early in the Orient that foot massages relieve stress, increase circulation, promote restful sleep and even improve immunity. From the mental perspective, it increases alertness and creativity.

Modern science, reflexology in particular, recognizes the importance of feet in overall body health. Thai masseuses ask for a detailed medical history of the person wanting the massage before the treatment is begun. Thus, they determine which pressure points need to be focused on and sometimes, they can discover problems that may not even be known previously. These take about an hour but their benefits are enormous.

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