Cycling cinderella

Did you know rugs can harbor germs, mold, mites, mite feces, mildew, and toxic gases? It’s true. This is why you really want to get your rugs cleaned by a pro who knows what they’re doing. After all, they’ve been trained and understand the different chemicals needed to take out stains, dust, and dirt. Plus, they know how to brush the rug to keep it looking its best so it lasts and lasts.

From the pictures above it clear that cycling gives you amazing benefits.

It’s said around 70 percent of homeowners have mite infestations. Yet, most people don’t get they have this problem because they can’t see them with the naked eye. Yet, they are there. They are microscopic. Mites are not allergenic by themselves but the body parts and feces they leave behind are. The body parts and feces can be inhaled and can cause incredible health problems. Companies who clean rugs for a living can stop the problems from happening. In fact, they can make rugs a hostile environment for mites to try to survive.

The Vacuum Kiss

Even the EPA suggests people get their rugs cleaned at least once per week because the health benefits are certainly worth it. They say to vacuum rugs 2-3 times per week too. If you live in the Las Vegas area, be sure to contact us for help at: Las Vegas rug cleaning

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