Of course, the domain name you pick has to be available for you to buy as well, which makes the process of finding the best name for your company trickier. Most importantly, you must look out for such type of catchy names that represent your business and services, appropriately.

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Ideally, domains need to be catchy. They have a lot knowledge flooding in to us that they need ways to filter it. & a catchy domain name is way to do that.

The best way to spark off ideas for a domain name is to brainstorm.

Because the creative side & the analytical side of your brain don’t mix – they get along with each other about as well as fire & water – it is best to keep the process of coming up with catchy domains separate from the final decision of which to choose.

Nothing puts a dampener on the process of choosing a catchy domain name faster than finding that your first0 or0 or even 50 ideas are not available.

So make this an element process: brainstorm first, check second.

It may appear longer winded & you may be thinking that you are bound to come up with names that are not available but trust me on this – it is worth it.

Start by setting aside some time to brainstorm with yourself.

Grab a piece of paper & a pen.

I do know the temptation is to type out the ideas but the process of hand writing feasible domains has advantages over using your computer for this part of the process:

1. There is less risk of distraction – you cannot click away from your piece of paper & check Facebook or e mail

2.  There is more brain engagement when you hand write a list than type one


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